I'm Yours

by Speedway Star



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on the steps of the cathedral on a fall afternoon
waiting for our parents to pick us up after school
atop of the steps with your face in a book
I sat at the bottom doing my best to look cool

worked up all of my nerve and said hi to you
your smile lit up a grey afternoon
bright as the barrette you wore with your school uniform
I knew right then I would always be

I'm yours

now I walk past steps, the playground and school
hearing children play as children do
orange leaves on the ground look so bright
like the way your smile lights up the night

pull up my coat as I feel a cool breeze
listen as the church bell rings
everything feels right since that day
that I met you and I can say

I'm yours


released August 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Speedway Star Oakland, California

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